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Single "Phoenix Rising" Feb 23rd 

Album "Dreamcatcher" April 19th 

New album

New songs

New collaborations

  • The Raven4:08
  • Seven Directions3:37
  • Sailor4:15
  • Be my Home3:39
  • Roadtrip à l'Aurore3:54

Photoshoot barefoot on the West  Coast on a chilled Autumn day.


I love the mystery and movement in Lolo & Noa's photos we shot last December on the Sunshine Coast, BC. In the New album, I've explored some  more vulnerable themes. I thought something more raw yet also soft for the cover and album art. While expressing myself through Noa's photography, I am reflecting the essence of the music themes in my new album Dreamcatcher.

My world of songwriting is always so perplexed. Me and my metaphors! I sing in between the lines about self-love, emotions and growth. Inspired by nature and the North American aboriginal culture, I talk about the mysteries of death and the spirit world (dreams). 

I am so thrilled to bring sounds to my travels and poetry. The project was produced by Montreal based musician Jean-Frédéric Lizotte who also co-composed the songs, and performed the instruments on the album. He adds his Folk Country colours to my Jazzy Soul voice:) Thank you to all the musicians, sound technicians and friends who kept helping and doing us so many favours in order to make this happen! Thank you Clement Rosa at MegaRex Studios, who believed in our project from the very first listen of our draft songs in November 2017, and supported us in the process till the end (RIP February 2019).

Every song is to my album like my dreams are to the dreamcatcher.


Dreamcatcher (L'Attrappeuse de rêves)

Coming soon 04/19/19

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