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I love the mystery and movement in Noa Furfaro's photos from last December on the Sunshine Coast of BC in Canada. 

Something more raw and alive yet soft and beautiful. This is what happened when Jean Frederic and I wrote the album.  While reflecting the essence of the music themes of Dreamcatcher, we composed music of many colours.

My world of songwriting is like a dreamcatcher. Melodies come to me as I let them out, and same with words. Me and my metaphors! Inspired by nature in BC and the North American aboriginal culture, I talk about the mysteries of life and the spirit world. I always dreamed a lot and have been fascinated by dreams since as long as I can remember.

I am so thrilled to bring sounds to my dreams, travels and poetry. The project was written in Whistler and Montreal, and also during travels to Northern British Columbia (Haida Gwaii) and Coastal California. I composed the music with JF, he added his Folk Country twists to my Jazzy Soul voice:) 

Thank you Clement Rosa at MegaRex Studios, who believed in our project from the very first listen and supported us in the process till the end (RIP February 2019).

Dreamcatcher (L'Attrappeuse de rêves)

Coming soon 04/19/19

Album "Dreamcatcher" April 19th 

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Single "Phoenix Rising" Feb 23rd 

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