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The world of songwriting is like a dreamcatcher... When melodies flow out with words, writing and composing songs of freedom.  Filled with images, the words become metaphors. 

Inspired by nature, first nation cultures and anthropology, mysteries of life, death, humanity and the dream world, Dreamcatcher is filled with beautiful melodies and harmonies that reflect the soul's state of dreaming and awakening. Nine folk songs, where each one have their very own flavour.

I am thrilled to bring sounds to my adventures of travels and poetry. This album  was created between Whistler and Montreal, Haida Gwaii and Los Angeles (Coastal California). My heart as a compass, I wrote these words and melodies on the road.

With Montreal producer Jean-Frédéric Lizotte, I experienced the songs taking shape as he added his colours to the music, with country twists and Funk/Soul vibes. We had fun in the studio, a great time with drummer Clement Rosa (RIP February 2019) who supported us in the project from beginning till the end. 

Dreamcatcher, L'Attrappeuse de rêves

L'attrappeuse de rêves

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Aude Ray 

New youTube video - Shapes of Mountains (photos by Israel Cruces)