Aude Ray 

  • Messagère3:45
  • Sirène3:53
  • Made of Stars4:06
  • Georgia5:22
  • Coeur bohème4:55
  • L'amour et la liberte4:46
  • Divine plage3:34
  • Le bonheur2:35
  • Le coeur du monde3:14
  • L'instant présent4:21

Be my Home 2017

Sirene 2014


  • Seven Directions3:37
  • Be my Home3:39
  • Sailor4:15
  • La boîte aux lettres3:49
  • Page blanche3:10
  • Icebergs3:15
  • Roadtrip à l'aurore3:55
  • The Raven4:08

Be my Home , a bilingual Folk/Soul album recorded Live-of-the-floor by sound engineer Irvine Russell at Bunker7 in Pemberton, BC, is an introspection of the songwriter's state of the heart. With pianist by Rosalind Steel, they bring undertones of Jazz mixed with Folk/Soul influence. Released in 2017.

Sirène, Pop/Folk  Francophone, produced by par Thomas Dowding, at The Music Room, Powell River, BC. Released in 2014.