Aude Ray 


Aude Ray is a singer songwriter from Canada. She grew up in Quebec and has been living and exploring the Pacific West coast for over 10 years.

At 13 she started singing and performing and at 16 she was composing her own music. Debuting under her real name Audrey Houle, she released her first LIVE album in Montreal. With 3 albums and her passion for singing and travelling, she shares stories with a French twist. On her recent album “Be my Home”, her soulful voice evokes the freedom of spirit. The songs are an introspection of Aude Ray's life and constant search for love and truth. An “outside of the box” look at our society’s values and perceptions. With the album launched in May 2017, the musician has been sowing seeds across the country with her original music. Touring all Summer as Artist on Board with Via Rail, she traveled Canada from the Pacific to the Atlantic and back. A unique opportunity to share her music on the train between Vancouver and Halifax.

Aude Ray is also a painter working mostly in acrylics. Her intuitive and abstract brush strokes lead to visionary, vibrant and expressive paintings. She loves art as a therapy and meditation. Starting by using watered down paint, she lets the colours blend and melt into each other. Building layers of different colours and working in transparencies, the painting reveals itself.

The multi-disciplinary artist shows a collection of her latest paintings in Vancouver for her first art exhibition entitled “In Ether” on display for the month of September 2017. Two of her twelve paintings “Raven Moon” and “Made of Stars” are inspired by original songs.