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Le 14 fevrier 2017

Merci à Irvine et B7 productions de nous avoir en studio! Roz et moi on a trop hâte de vous partager les tunes!!! Surtout Be My Home et Raven!

We're so excited on going back in Studio!!! Ready set GO! Perfect Valentines day, share the love for music!!!

Le 4 janvier 2017

Bonjour chers visiteurs!

Happy New Year and welcome to my new blog!

Some updates to start 2017!

First, our film crew is getting ready to shoot the music video of
Roadtrip a l'aurore, January 5-6th. In the county sides of my hometown in the province of Quebec. I just received the mastered track from the studio, The Single "Roadtrip à l'Aurore"'s release date is January 15th 2017. 

Roz and I are getting excited for our performances aboard the train 001 Toronto-Vancouver, Jan 10-14th 2017 with Via Rail's Artist on Board program.

We're all so excited to continue the recording  of new album with B7​ Productions in Pemberton BC in Februray.

Le 6 fevrier 2017

Bonjour et merci de visiter mon site!

On  retourne en studio cette semaine et je posterai des vids! Stay tuned! Le videoclip Roadtrip à l'Aurore is almost done! On fera sa sortie en mi-février. 

Roz and I loved our experience with Via Rail's Artist on Board program, Jan 10-14th 2017, Train 001 Toronto-Vancouver.

Le 6 mars 2017

2 jours avant le lancement de videoclip Roadtrip à l'aurore. It's so awsome you will love it! 


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