• Shapes of Mountains3:41
  • Inside Out3:07
  • King of the Castle2:36
  • Up in the Air2:56
  • The Wait2:54
  • Silence Disappear3:32
  • What About Us4:18
  • Phoenix Rising3:02
  • Diamond Eyes3:18

Photographer for album art: Noa Furfaro
Graphic, web and album design: Audrey Houle

Mixing: Michel Lachance

Tracking and Mastering: Simon Jodoin
Studio Mega Rex

Aude Ray


Lyrics: Aude Ray
Composed and produced in collaboration with Jean-Frédéric Lizotte

Voice and vocal arrangements: Aude Ray

Guitar (electric, acoustic,dobro, slide), violin, bass, percussion, backvocals, arrangements:  Jean-Frédéric Lizotte 
Cello: Jean-Christophe Lizotte
Drums: Clément Rosa

Congas: Francis Mercier
Digital beats on Diamond Eyes: Francis Rosa 

Drums on Silence Disappear: Hugo St-Cyr