Aude Ray 

Aude Ray 

Audrey Houle's passion for composing began as soon as she strummed a guitar played by ear. She created her first songs in 2000 in Montreal, Qc, Canada and have been songwriting ever since.

Recorded live, her debut Album Bing Bang (2002) show happened when she was 19 years old in Montreal. 

Moved out west as soon as she graduated from college to learn English for songwriting, Audrey moved from place to place and travelled, Banff, Vancouver, Gibson, Savary Island, Powell River, (Sunshine coast), North Vancouver, Whistler and Victoria where she adopted the stage name Aude Ray.

Sirène(2014) was recorded in Powell River, BC., and “Be my Home”(2017) was recorded in Pemberton, BC.

Her last songwriting work, Remembering (Single) was recorded in Hollywood, CA. A collaboration with Rory Stalwick , a composer and guitarist from California, USA and Saskatchewan, CAN, and Ricardo Silveira at electric Jazz guitar(Brazil)

 Aude Ray draws inspiration from nature and wildlife,  The themes of humanity, spirituality, mountains and forests are very present in her artwork.

Soon! New album coming up!